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This is the English translation.

Frederik was 17 when his life suddenly changed. He didn’t know at that time how to face the challenges which lay ahead. He perceived things as easier than they actually were – a characteristic which proved advantageous here.

When, amidst hearing loss and other problems, he was diagnosed with the incurable condition NF2, he chose to accept this fate. The disease would continuously challenge him to find new ways to achieve what he wants and to break this new ground.

From the very first line, we join Fred up close on his journey and get to meet a young man who, despite his impairments, remains full of courage and confronts adversities with confidence, strength of will and quite a bit of humour!

All proceeds go to the Merlin Foundation, an organisation in Germany, driving care and   research for NF2 forward. More details www.merlin-foundation.org


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